CHARGE: For most orders, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

CHECKS: Personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, business checks, and government or institution-issued checks are accepted by pre-arrangement only. Checks must be for the EXACT amount of the purchase including any shipping and handling charges plus a $10 handlilng charge. We reserve the right to hold your order until check clearance is guaranteed.

COD: Unfortunately, at this time we cannot ship to you "Cash on Delivery


There may be handling charges for orders that ship separately, are fragile and need special packing or handling, or are charged extra fees by the carriers due to their ovrsize dimensons. Those fees will be clearly visible in your shopping cart before you check out.



Because we deal with literally hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers and suppliers' prices change, our prices are in constant flux. Prices in our internet catalogue are kept current on a daily basis and are rarely different than the site shows. However, we are not responsible for typographical errors, and prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Prices in our printed catalog are sometimes not as current as we'd like due to the fact that print is impossible to change after it is printed. Prices on the internet will always be more current than those of the printed catalog and will be deemed to be the right price regardless of the printed materials.


From time to time (and much to our dismay), shortages and out of stocks will occur. Items may be backordered for three reasons:

  • There is more demand for the item than we originally anticipated, and our suppliers have to re-supply us with the additional inventory.
  • The manufacturer has failed to ship to us in a timely manner due to a shortage of parts, materials, etc.
  • Transportation strikes, natural disasters, etc.

    When we experience an out of stock situation, your entire order will be shipped at one time if the out of stock item arrives within 5-10 working days of the date of your order.

    If we don't anticipate being able to restock quickly enough to meet the 10-working day limit, your order may be shipped minus the out of stock item. At that time, out-of-stock items priced over $15.00 will be treated as a backorder unless the customer requests that we not ship backorders. Out-of-stock items priced under $15.00 will be deleted from the order, and you will be asked to re-order at another time.

    For standard-sized backordered items, freight will be calculated on the entire order, charged on the first part, and the backordered items will be sent as quickly as possible with no additional freight charges. Oversized-backordered items (those marked with * ~ or ++) will be charged the actual freight when they are shipped.

    If we don't anticipate re-stock of an item in a reasonable amount of time, your order will be shipped minus the out of stock item, and you will be asked to re-order at another time.

    Discontinued items will, of course, not be shipped.

    You will receive a notice on your emailed invoice indicating the dispensation of any items not shipped.



    No two animals are alike. We will print the most accurate details possible of item sizes and recommendations for fit if we know them. However, all sizes are approximate, and we can NOT guarantee items as far as the fit for your individual pet.

    Bedding is sized as human linens are sized - before the seams are sewn and the item is stuffed. Therefore, when the item is stuffed, it's apparent length and width may seem smaller than the un-stuffed dimensions.

    Collars are different from different manufacturers. Some print a measurement that is from tip of buckle to tip of material. Others measure from middle of buckle to longest hole. We try to make this clear on the site and give you a general idea of how to measure to get a good fit. Of course, the fit is not exact nor guaranteed due to the variation in individuals. If your pet is likely to gain weight or grow, you will also want to plan a little extra growing room.

    All dimensions are approximate. We try to be as accurate as possible but do not guarantee precision beyond accuracy within an inch or so.


    Retail tax is charged only to shipments shipped to or ordered by persons living in Texas. Even Texas residents can save on taxes! Our tax rate is 8.25%!