How to Introduce the
Electronic Dog Training Collar

Training should be accomplished at the lowest stimulation level that gets an attention response without causing fear or yipping pain from your dog.

Start when your dog is young if possible. At whatever age you start, put the electronic dog training collar receiver next to your leash. Whenever your dog is about to go for an outing, put his electronic dog training collar on him (with reception turned off). In a few days, he will get as excited when he sees the training collar as he does when he sees his leash.

Your pup should wear his electronic dog training collar (turned off) for several days or even weeks before it is actually turned on. This will give him a chance to get used to the feel and weight of the collar over time until he doesn’t even remember it is there and to associate it with fun experiences.

When it is time to begin actually using the electronic dog training collar, get your bag of treats and a fetch toy. Bring your dog (wearing his receiver collar but using his leash and regular nylon collar) to your side and ask him to sit. Praise him.

Without staring at him, begin pushing the button on the absolute lowest stimulation that the collar offers. If your dog seems to feel the tingle and looks up at you, stop the stimulation immediately and give him a treat. Repeat this several times interspersed with a few quick exercises and a couple of fetches. He is learning quickly that if he gives you his attention, he can turn the collar off.

If he is oblivious, raise the level of stimulation, and try it again. Raise the level until you see him make an obvious sign that he feels it or you see his neck muscle begin to twitch a little. He should look up at you when he feels it (not duck, run, cower, yip or yelp). If any of the bad signs happen, immediately stop the stimulation and move forward in a playful attitude encouraging him to be confident again (as if it were just a minor act of nature like an insect sting that is over in an instant). Give him an opportunity to perform a few simple tasks with treats and then catch the ball or bumper a time or two. Lower the stimulation.

Start again, this time stopping before the level that caused the problem. With some close observation, you can set the level to the exact spot that gets you his attention without causing pain or trauma.

Play some more. Retire for another session later. (This procedure should last only about 10 minutes, and you should get his attention a few times and end with playtime)


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