Remote Dog Training Tips Book 1

Remote dog shock collars are used to reinforce training commands and to correct unwanted behaviors from a distance.

An electronic signal is transmitted from a remote, handheld transmitter to a collar worn by the dog.

When introducing the collar and its potential, the electronic signal is a mild vibration or tingling sensation which gets the dogs attention and distracts him from the undesirable behavior. Once distracted, he will be more attuned to your requests.

Your dog can also be trained to respond positively to an audible or a vibration signal emitted fromthe collar. If reward is given (paired) with the sound or vibration, he will begin to perform for the sound or vibration alone.

As the training progresses and he understands what is expected of him, his trangressions will need immediate correction. At this point, the signal is amplified. The moderate correction does not harm your dog, but it can be unpleasant (like an electrostatic shock when you walk on the carpet in your socks and touch a doorknob). By responding to and obeying your obedience command or by stopping the undesired behavior, your dog learns to avoid the unpleasant sensation.

Training works best if you can correct the behavior while it is occurring. Keeping the training message clear helps your dog learn. One of the benefits of using a remote trainer is that the behavior correction can be more precisely applied in association with the behavior at the exact time it is happening.

Consistency is key. Make your training message precise and keep it consistent. Your dog will understand what you expect. He’ll be happier - - and so will you.

Training is more effective when your dog associates the behavioral correction with the behavior rather than with the person correcting him. If his behavior is corrected anonymously (he doesn't know you did it), he will think his action caused the correction and will learn to avoid the behavior even when you aren’t there to supervise him. An anonymous correction is not possible with other training approaches.
We will have much more to say about how to use your remote training collar in upcoming chapters of this instructional guide.

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