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Andis Dog Clippers

Andis professional dog grooming clippers are some of the best in the industry. They are used by a sizable segment of professional dog groomers and offer the home groomer a substantial upgrade over the kits sold in most retail stores. Because we are a volume distributor, our pricing is so low that there is just a small increase in price over the low-end kits in exchange for faster grooming and years of use.

Andis clippers take almost no maintenance.  They do not need greasing or oiling, and they do not get hot in your hand during extended clipping sessions.  Their small "barrel" is easier for women groomers to handle without arm and wrist fatigue. A couple of different blades will give the fanciest of cuts.

Blades are high quality carburized steel that will stay sharp. They are also completely interchangeable with the other major brands of professional dog clippers such as Oster and Wahl dog clipper blades.

Andis AGC 2-speed Dog Clippers
AN22340 Andis AGC 2-Speed dog grooming clipper Basic, professional, 2-speed clipper that is lightweight, powerful, versatile, and easy to hold. 2700 spm/3400 spm for heavy-duty use. They have been one of the most popular Andis clippers for many years.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $283.13
Regular Price: $291.88
Today: $139.95 
Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Dog & Large Animal Clippers
AN22405 Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Dog & Horse Grooming Clippers. Andis Super 2-speed Animal Clippers are versatile, colorful, and powerful. Over 4,000 strokes per minute gives them plenty of power for large dogs AND full body clipping for horses too.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Category: Andis Horse Clipper
MSRP: $291.25
Our Price: Guaranteed Lowest
Andis AGP Super 2-Speed Dog Clippers
AN27370 Andis AGP Dog Clippers are a revolutionary, new clipper with cushioned, comfortable square grip and extra high speed. 2 speed motor with 25% more blade torque for extra power and fast smooth cutting. (4400 spm)
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $298.75
Regular Price: $176.95
Today: $149.95 
AN32320 Andis Power Trim Trimmer
AN32130 Andis Power Trim Horse & Dog Trimmer. Rechargeable, easy-carry clipper for quick touch-ups or horse trimming.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Category: Andis Horse Clipper
MSRP: $86.88
Regular Price: $59.95
Today: $39.95 
Andis Super AGR+ Dog Clipper
AN63855 Andis Super AGR+ Horse & Dog Clippers designed for veterinians, grooming shops and barns who need heavy duty cordless clippers. Incudes removable Ni-MH battery pack that can be charged separately from clipper. #10SS ceramic-edge blade included. A GREAT Heavy-duty, cordless clipper. 3800 spm
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Category: Andis Horse Clipper
MSRP: $481.25
Price: $256.95 
Andis AGRC Powergroom Dog Clippers
AN63970 Andis AGRC Powergroom Dog Clippers combine extreme high speed with light weight design. Versatile clipper has 12 ft cord or use optional Battery accessories to convert to a cordless clipper. 4500 spm. Great for full body clip in the barn too.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $291.25
Price: $154.95 
Andis Super AGR Professional Cordless Rechargeable Dog Clippers
AN64800 CORDLESS! AGR+ SUPER dog grooming clipper system provides heavy-duty clipper cutting with complete freedom from an electrical outlet or an electrical cord! Recharges in 1 hour or less. 3800 spm
Category: Cordless Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $481.25
Regular Price: $248.95
Today: $218.00 
Andis Excel 5-Speed Dog Clipper
AN65410 Andis Excel 5-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers are powerful, five-speed clipper ideal for precision grooming work. Use the lower speeds for cooler operation & clipping in sensitive areas. The higher speeds for finishing & clipping the body coat. Over 4800 spm.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $366.88
Our Price: Guaranteed Lowest
Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Dog Clippers
AN22360 Andis AGC Super 2-Speed dog grooming clipper is a groomer's dream. New, round barrel grip for easy maneuvering and less wrist fatique. Quiet. Maintenance free. High speed moves over 4,000 strokes per minute: 50% faster than AG Clippers. 25% faster than AG 2-Speed Clippers. Comes with #10 blade or #40 blade.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $291.25
Our Price: Guaranteed Lowest
Andis Pro Pet Dog Clippers
AN21420 Andis "Pro Pet" Clippers are professional quality dog grooming clippers. Our best seller for home grooming. Includes #10 blade & carrying case. 3700 spm.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
MSRP: $133.75
Regular Price: $99.95
Today: $64.95 
Andis Dog Clipper Blade Guards
AN12860 Andis Dog Clipper Blade Guards allow you to leave more hair on your pet. Simply snap onto the blade.
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Price: $14.95 
Andis Cool Care Plus
AN12750 Andis 5-in-1 Cool Care Plus dog clipper Blade Lubricant does everything you need to keep your blades sharp, bacteria-free, and cool - all in ONE OPERATION...
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Price: $8.95 
Andis Replacement Dog Clipper Blades
AN64076 Andis Replacement dog clipper Blades are carburized Steel. Adds carbon to the cutting edge, which make Andis clipper blades stay sharper longer. Can also be used on other major brands of dog clippers...
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Price: $21.95 
Andis Ceramic Blade Cutters
AN64440 Andis Ceramic Cutter Upgrade Less than $10.00 will upgrade any Professional blade to a ceramic edge!...
Category: Andis Dog Clipper
Price: $9.95