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dog flea shampooWhile we think of dogs and fleas, the actual type of fleas that most dogs get are "cat" fleas, which plague dogs and cats (and humans) alike.

Unfortunate flea facts:  Fleas can jump over 6 feet, and they enter the house by any carrier available: pet AND humans.  One breeding flea can produce over a million offspring. Treating only the pets will not solve the problem.

Getting rid of fleas is a nasty but necessary task to ensure the long-term health of your pet. Tiny hibernating flea cocoons can live in your environment over a year, protected by an impenetrable shell. They survive most treatments and return to re-populate year after year like a cruel sequel to a horror movie. They also frequently carry the eggs of tape worms, which show up (often visual to the naked eye) in your pet's stools after they have had fleas.

Treat the pets for their own comfort as well as to kill any fleas entering your living space as hitchhikers. Use a monthly topical application to kill fleas that get on your dog. To provide immediate relief from itching or flea allergies, use skin care shampoos and itch relief gels or sprays. To prevent reproduction, treat the house with Ultracide AND the yard with Conquer yard spray   mixed with FleaFix. Use Tape Worm Tabs to get rid of the tape worms after treating for the fleas.

Supplement your pet's diet with coat-enhancing nutrients to help provide a foundation for a healthy skin and coat that can withstand the rigors of summer. Read More

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frontline plus flea spotABB5572 Frontline Plus Flea Control

at a fraction of the Price! Import it from England. SAFE. LEGAL. Identical to US product! on Larger Quantities.
Category: Frontline Plus Flea Treatment
Price: $24.79 
Advantage II Flea Treatment

BY20208 NEW ADVANTAGE II Flea Treatment!

NOW kills adult fleas AND actively breaks the flea life cycle. Works on all 4 stages of the flea! Has Growth Regulator to stop flea reproduction. FREE ship on 12 month quantities.
Category: Advantage Dog Flea Treatment
Price: $43.65 
CER52322 Certifect Topical Flea Treatment

CER52322 Proven flea protection with added tick killing power!

The newest addition to the FRONTLINE® PLUS family not only kills fleas, it now kills ticks within 18 hours and detaches ticks so that they cannot transmit tick-borne diseases.
Category: Frontline Flea Products
Price: $44.39 
Conquer Residual Flea Spray
Conquer Residual Flea Spray is one of the "greenest" & most economical insecticides for your house or yard. Kills fleas. Kills ticks. One 16 ounce bottle treats 48,000 square feet of yard or house!
Category: Dog Flea House Treatments
Category: Dog Flea Yard Treatments
Price: $32.99 
FLEAFIX4 Insect Growth Regulator Concentrate
Price: $23.95 
ULTRACIDE House Flea Spray
ULTRACIDE House Flea Spray is the most effective & most environmentally safe insecticide mixed with an insect growth regulator for one-step application. Kills fleas and prevents reproduction.
Category: Dog Flea House Treatments
Price: $29.95