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How to Measure Your Pet for a Crate or Kennel
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For airline travel, see airline approved dog crates and softsided dog crates in our index, as most metal and all wire dog crates are forbidden on airlines.

The measurements of your dog crate are very important for your pet's safe, comfortable confinement and travel regulatons.

[Measuring your dog]

Length: is from the from the front breast bone to the base of tail plus 2" for medium breeds and 6" for large breeds.

Height: is from the floor to the shoulder plus 3"-6". (For airline airline travel, it is necessary that the crate be as tall as your pet's head, and he should be able to stand in a natural manner as well as turn around and lie down.)

Width: is a couple of inches less than height at the shoulder.

For housetraining
you might choose one that will fit your pet as an adult so that it provides life-long service. To estimate his adult size check the breed standard. (Most breed standards, however, measure your pet at the shoulder.)  

If you are traveling with your pet in the airplane cabin, see softsided crates in our index.

Dog Crates - Airline Approved
Dog Crates - Airline Approved
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