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The filter is the most important part of your aquarium. Without proper filtration, no fish or plants will survive.

Most people start with a beginner system with minimal expense and beginner equipment. Fully 60% of beginners end up with high maintenance and dead fish: No way to enjoy the hobby. They leave their aquarium in the basement or sell it at a garage sale having never really enjoyed the experience.

An upgrade in the filter unit is all it usually takes to prevent this tragedy. An undergravel filter is just not sufficient for anything bigger than a sparsely populated 10 gallon tank (and a corner filter is not useful for anything larger than one betta fish).

There are a lot of complex ideas, and complex explanations that use big words to "wow" you into thinking someone is an expert, but it all boils down to three types of filtration that are necessary to keep your tank healthy. It's not as complicated as it looks on the surface. Read More >>>

Canister Aquarium Filters
Aquarium Filters - Canister
Aquarium Fish Filters - Diatom
Aquarium Filters - Diatom
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Aquarium Filter Media