Aquarium Pumps

How do you know which is correct for your needs, your aquarium, your system?

You have to circulate the water in your aquarium through your filter to keep the water sufficiently clean so your fish will actually live. The second question will likely be, "Do I need an air pump or a water pump?" The answer might very well be, "Yes - both!"

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Aquarium Air Pumps
Aquarium Pumps - Air
Aquarium Water Pumps
Aquarium Pumps - Water
AK01100 AquaTop UV Sterilizer Pump & Filter

AK01100 AquaTop UV Sterilizer Pump & Filter

. Submersible UV sterilizer fits neatly inside aquarium or sump and has longer "dwell time" to kill more pathogens and microorganisms in a single pass.
Category: Aquarium UV Sterilizers
Category: Aquarium Water Pumps
Price: $69.99 
AK01479 AquatopCPS Series Circulating Aquarium Pump

AK01479 Aquatop CPS Circulating Aquarium Pump

in sizes for the smallest to largest tanks. Create current flow to keep tank inhabitants healthy. 360 degree swivel.
Category: Aquarium Water PUmps
Price: $11.99 
EH12164 Eheim Universal Water Pump

EH12164 Eheim Universal Water Pump

Eheim Universal water pumps are for continuous circulation of aquariums or suitable for permanent outdoor use, both submerged and externally in ponds. Use in-line or submerged. Freshwater or saltwater. Up to 900 GPH
Category: Pond Pump
Category: Aquarium Pump
Category: Pond Water Pump
EUD2512 Danner Mag Drive Water Pumps

EUD2512 Danner Mag Drive Aquarium Water Pumps

is our most popular submersible aquarium water pump. Uses half the power of conventional pumps. Only one moving part. Up to 2400 gph.
Category: Aquarium Water Pumps
Category: Aquarium Pumps
Price: $59.99 
HY00924 Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller Wave Maker

HY00924 Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller Wave Maker

helps recreate the natural currents that promote a healthy aquarium by controlling 1 or more pumps, on two separate channels with a wattage limit of 100 watts each.
Category: Aquarium Water Pumps
Price: $69.95 
TA00838 Rio Aquarium Pump

TA00820 Rio Aquarium Pump-Powerhead

is a submersible pump with magnetic rotor, low energy useage, up to 900 gph circulation.
Category: Aquarium Pumps
Category: Aquarium Water Pumps
Price: $17.99