Pond UV Sterilizers

If you need added algae control, consider adding a UV sterilizer (clarifier) to your Pond filter system. Some filters come with UV Clarifiers built in. Others can have a UV sterilizer unit added on by simply plumbing it inline after the filter.

As water passes through the intense UV light, which is emitted by the clarifier it kills micro-organisms (some harmful to fish as well) and ends algae bloom. The UV light actually emits a ray that alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of such organisms as harmful bacteria, algae cells, parasites, and protozoa. This technology has been used in water purification and hospitals for many years. Your UV clarifier will help to prevent disease as well as to inhibit algae growth.

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Price: $120.95 
EUD02915 PondMaster Ultraviolet Clarifier For Skimmers

EUD02915 PondMaster Ultraviolet Clarifier For Skimmers

Keep your pond crystal clear with the ONLY ultraviolet lighting that's submersible. Keeps algae and parasites out
Category: Pond UV Sterilizers Clarifiers
Price: $159.95 
LGR440021 Lifegard Uno,Duo,Trio Pond Filters
LGR440021 Lifegard's new Uno, Duo, Trio pond filters come complete - filter, fountain attachment, and Quiet One pump. Ready to go out of the box. Both Mechanical and biological filtration. Three models for ponds from 1000 to 2000 gallons. Can be expanded and add UV sterilizer.
Category: Pond Filters
Price: $128.95 
PLN517408 Little Giant Power Center

PLN517408 Little Giant Power Center

The Power Control Center allows water gardeners the flexibility of installing a pond where electricity is far from the pond site.
Category: Pond Filter
Category: Pond Waterfall
Price: $119.95