Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears

This category is often perplexing.  The home groomer needs a high quality scissor for trimming and scissoring the important areas on some breeds.  Because they are not professional groomers, it is advisable that sensitive and delicate areas be trimmed with ball-tipped scissors that provide safety as well as excellent trimming capabilities.

The longer "88" shears are also often too much scissor for a novice groomer. 7-1/2" straight scissors are usually all a home-groomer needs for leg trimming and top knots. See the Featherlights and the Groommaster dog Grooming Shears for home-grooming applications.

Professional Groomers choose Tisserand and Dubl Duck shears hands down. They are the standard by which every other professional dog grooming shear is measured.

Dubl Duck Dog Grooming Shears
Price: $65.95 
Feather Light Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Shears
MF00245 You'd like a professional scissor but don't need one fit for grooming 10 dogs a day 5 days a week? Feather Lights are the answer. They cut sharp and clean for professional results at home. Quality dog grooming shears at a reasonable price
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $15.95 
Dubl Duck Mercedes Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Shears
MF50431 Dubl Duck. The name speaks for itself. Dubl Duck Mercedes Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Shears made from ice tempered, premium German stainless steel. Handmade in Solingen, Germany.
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $75.95 
Dog Ear and Nose Scissors
MF740 4" Ball-tip ear and nose trimming scissors.Safety is the word for trimming around these eyes, ears, and face.
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $8.99 
Dubl Duck Thinning Dog Grooming Shears
SC10031 Dubl Duck Thinning Shears. Every tooth tested to cut perfectly, sharply, cleanly. German Steel and German-made cutting edge.
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $38.95 
DublDuck Ball-Tipped Curved Shears
SG0011 Dubl Duck Dog Grooming Scissors are made for trimming in delicate or dangerous places such as pads of the feet, around the eyes and nose or ears. Famous Dubl Duck, Ice tempered, carbon steel dog grooming shears. Made in Germany.
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $45.95 
Dubl Duck #15, 7-1/2" Straight Shear
SG0015 Dubl Duck Number 15 Straight Dog Grooming Shears are lightweight with strong, wide carbon steel blades.
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $59.95 
Dubl Duck 88 Dog Grooming Shears
SG0088 Dubl Duck dog grooming shears have long been considered the quality standard in 8-1/4" grooming shears. Guaranteed to outlast the edge of any shear you've ever used. Straight and Curved.
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $49.95 
DublDuck Straight Wonderedge Shears
SG01375 Wonderedge Straight Dog Grooming Shears are ideal for finishing work and fine-textured coats. Measure 7.5".
Category: Dog Grooming Scissors
Price: $49.95