Dog Bicycle Accessories

Dogs love the thrill of going along on your walks and rides.  But if you've ever experienced ending up on the wrong side of a tree or post with your dog on one side and your bicycle on the other, you know that "just a leash" is not enough for companion riding.

Large dogs can trot or gallop next to your bicycle with ease and safety using new advances in bicycle attachments.  Small dogs can ride in the doggy bicycle basket.  Old or infirm dogs love the dog bicycle trailer.

Whatever your preference, take your dog along. It's good for both of you.

SO62330 Tagalong Sport Dog Bicycle Basket
SO62330 No need to leave those short little legs at home because they can't keep up. Dogs LOVE the thrill and the breeze of riding in the Tagalong Dog Bicycle Basket. Pets to 13 Lb.
Category: Dog Bicycle Basket
Price: $39.95 
SO62394 Houndabout II Pet Bicycle Trailer
SO62394 Houndabout II Pet Bicycle Trailer is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle with your pet. He can ride along, enjoy the view and fresh air without stress.
Category: Dog Bicycle Accessories
Price: $189.95