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Dryness and shedding are often caused by artificial heating, poor quality shampoo or allergies to diet or fleas. To minimize itching and unhealthy shedding, a dog must get enough fatty acids in his diet so that the skin retains oil, and he must NOT get that oil stripped from his skin or hair by detergent shampoos. Feed a diet without allergens and add additional anti-oxidant vitamins such as A and E as well as Linoleic Acid, Omega3 and Omega 6 Fish oils. 

Frequent brushing brings the oils produced at the skin down each shaft of hair to coat the hair shaft with protective lipids and prevent brittle hair that breaks and "sheds". A good, properly pH balanced dog shampoo will help alleviate many skin conditions, which are accompanied by odor, itching, and irritation. Medicated shampoos will give him relief from the symptoms. Use flea-prevention measures to stop the majority of externally-caused allergies.



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GA03610 Naturvet Salmon Oil Dog Skin Supplement

GA03610 Naturvet Dog Salmon Oil

has more potency without the smell. Lots of yummy taste that dogs love. Promotes healthy skin, shiny coat and helps retain moisture in dry, irritated skin to control itching. Made with Wild Icelandic Salmon Oil.
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Price: $13.25