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Dog car seats are generally designed to elevate your dog so he can see out of the windows without having to climb in your lap or stand on the door frames. They come with harness loops to secure the pet in the car seat but are not considered safety devices in case of acccellerated crashes. Some have heating capacity so that you won't be the only passenger with a "heated seat".

This category also includes some excellent safety harnesses and seatbelts to secure your dog in the seat and still give him some "wiggle" room.  

Also check out our pet carriers.

LEC7641 Mod Safety Dog Car Seat
LEC7641 Mod Safety Dog Car Seat is an economical booster car seat for dogs that gives pets a higher vantage point so that they can see out of the car without climbing in your lap. Affordable, safe, comfortable, convenient.
Category: Dog Car Seats
Regular Price: $47.95
Today: $37.95 
LEC7621 Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

LEC7621 Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat gives your dog a view while riding in front or back seat. And it can be used Heated (with optional heating pad) or unheated.
Category: Dog Car Seat

Regular Price: $73.95
Today: $69.95 
LEC7660 Travel Safety Carrier
LEC7660 Travel Safety Carrier the simple way to keep families and pets safe in a vehicle.
Category: Dog Car Seats
Category: Soft-sided Dog Carriers
Price: $49.99 
SO62344 Tagalong Dog Booster Car Seat provides a comfy ride for your favorite four-legged passenger. Design supports the seat from below, providing an unobstructed view and more comfortable ride for pets. Dogs up to 30 Lb
Category: Dog Car Seat
Price: $29.95 
SO62346 Deluxe Tagalong Dog Booster Car Seats
SO62346 Dog Car Seat Provides an unobstructed view and more comfortable ride for pets. Installs securely in one minute and even works in the back seat with headrests. Pets up to 30 Lbs.
Category: Dog Car Seat
Price: $39.95 
LEC7601 SUV Dog Beds
LEC7601 SUV Dog Beds will help to keep the car interior clean and give your pet a place to settle. Large bolster sides give support when the car is in motion.
Category: Pet Bed
Category: Dog Car Seat Protector
Price: $46.99